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K2 Herd | K2 Equestrian Center

K2 Herd | K2 Equestrain Center

“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope.” ― Toni Robinson

Why A Horse?  Those who are familiar with the immense power of a horse, understand the benefits they provide to individuals. Developing relationships and caring for a horse naturally affects people in a very positive manner. A horse’s large and powerful stature can create an opportunity for an individual to overcome fear and develop confidence. Horses provide a huge learning and growth opportunity for anyone who works with them.Petting a Horse | K2 Equestrian Ceneter

Horses will mirror human body language and a person working with a horse learns that they may need to change their behavior so that the horse responds differently.  This teaches a powerful lesson of self-discipline and self-respect.

Horses are very much like humans in as much as they are very social and would rather be with their peers.  They have distinct personalities and attitudes. They can be stubborn and defiant, or playful and kind.

Many of the horses at the K2 Equestrian Center have been rescued from abusive situations and have had their broken spirits rehabilitated, and have learned to trust once again through gentle care, patience, kindness and love.

If you would like to sponsor one of our horses or learn more about horse rescue, please see our Sponsor page.

Sophie  | K2 Equestrain CenterSophie

Sophie is K2 Equestrian Center’s Poster Horse for the Power of Healing. When we rescued her, she was severely infested with parasites and required 32 hours of IV fluids. We nearly lost her, but with the help of our family and clients who cared for her around the clock, she was nursed back to health.   To read more about Sophie’s story click here.


Flash | K2 Equestrain CenterFlash

Flash was our first rescued horse, having been abandoned by his previous owner because of a hoof injury. He arrived at the ranch very thin and lame. We could tell from the moment he got off the trailer that he was a special soul.  Flash is a gentle soul and nothing seems to bother him…he is pretty much bullet-proof! He’ll follow you around like a puppy and if you put down your gloves or tools he takes them from you! He is a favorite with the children at the ranch.



Sienna | K2 Equestrain CenterSienna

Sienna, a beautiful chestnut mare, is another horse we rescued. She came to us in starving condition and had been severely mistreated by her owner. She needed a lot of time for recovery and to also regain her trust in people, especially men. She was very shy at first, but after hours and hours of sitting near her with our hand held out, she began to trust again. The person she loves the best is my son, who spent hours with her – she is no longer fearful of men, thanks to the love and gentleness of our son.

Sage | K2 Equestrian CenterSage

Sage is our most senior horse at the ranch. We estimate him to be about 38 years old! He was donated to the ranch by a neighbor who had to move out of the area.  Despite his age, he is in good shape and spirits. He is a talker and will whinny to let you know that he is hungry and wants some attention. He also loves children and being spoiled by them! Sage enjoys being retired and spends his days grazing with his two burro “girlfriends.”


Rebel | K2 Equestrian CenterRebel

Rebel was donated to the K2 Equestrian Center by a Paint Horse breeder. He is a very handsome, black and white, gelding with years of training. Rebel is the dominate horse in the pasture, but is very gentle with people, especially small children.



Quincy | K2 Equestrian CenterQuincy

Quincy was donated to K2 by the same breeder that gave us Rebel. He came to us when he was just 9 months old, and has been hand-raised by the ranch. Quincy’s sire is Rebel.



Sedona | K2 Equestrian CenterSedona

Sedona is the baby of our team. She was rescued at 7 months old after her mother died. She is a lovely paint horse with a very unusual blaze on her face — it’s in the shape of an arrow. She has a very calm temperament and is currently in training to become a therapeutic riding horse.



Sasha | K2 Equestrian CenterSasha

Sasha was born at the ranch and Rebel is her sire. She has a wonderful temperament due to her being raised at the ranch. Sasha is also very curious and has to check out everyone that comes to the ranch.



Slider2The Burros

Along with our horses, K2 Equestrian Center has five burros; two jennies (females) and three jacks (males).  The girls are corralled with Sage and keep him company; the boys mingle with the rest of the herd in the large pasture.  Children love the burros and all are used in the Equine Growth and Learning therapy sessions.


Hogarth the Bernese Mt. Dog | K2 Equestrian CenterHogarth The Therapy Dog

Hogarth is a Bernese Mountain Dog and he is the official “greeter” of the K2 Equestrian Center. His role is to be nearby at all times! Hogarth is a big friendly dog who loves people. He has a very gentle, quiet quality about him.  He will sit contently with you all day long, but his favorite place to be is in the barn, supervising, when children are busy at the ranch.