Healing Families

The following testimonial is from a parent of a child who volunteered at the ranch last year. We are grateful that we were able to help this child and her family; and are honored to receive this letter.  — Katherine. “A fortuitous encounter with Keith and Katherine Wacholz last spring sparked hope regarding our eldest […]

Holding On

“Holding On” has many meanings at the Ranch. It can be said as we make it up our steep driveway in the ice and snow. We say it when the boys load up the Polaris with hay to take out to our pasture. They have to make an extra lap with the Polaris for fun. […]

Wishes Are Horses | Brian’s Story

During the spring and summer months we can receive up to 20 phone calls a day from prospective clients asking about the ranch.  We check calls in the afternoon so that we can return them within 24 hours.  As I was listening to the calls, I was struck by one particular caller.   I wasn’t sure […]