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Summer Therapy Programs for Children

The K2 Equestrian Center is looking to expand their services to disabled, traumatized and terminally ill children. We are looking for donors to open their hearts to this cause. With the help of others, we can provide therapy services to more children – at no cost to the child’s family. K2 Equestrian Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

IMG_0705-1Each summer the K2 Equestrian Center opens its gates and offers individual therapy sessions to children with special needs. Over the course of the 14-week session, more than 48 children and families received services—at no cost. A typical week at the ranch consists of 35 to 40 therapy sessions; and most children participate in two sessions per week.

Donors can provide “scholarships” for children to participate for a six-session therapy program:

  • $250 donation provides a scholarship for 2 children for 6 sessions.
  • $500 donation provides a scholarships for 4 children for 6 sessions.
  • $750 donation provides a scholarships for 6 children for 6 sessions.
  • $1000 donation provides a scholarship for 8 children for 6 sessions.
  • $1500 donation provides a scholarship for 10 children for 6 sessions.

Therapy sessions are customized for each child’s individual needs to achieve specific goals and outcomes. We work with children to help them develop self-esteem and a variety of skills – teaching and enhancing social skills and self-awareness is a large part of the therapy that K2 provides. We use a variety of therapy techniques, including the use of therapy animals, to build on each child’s strengths.hugsslider3

Each session is built around a five-step lesson plan, designed to achieve specific goals and objectives—a Greeting and Welcome session; Ranch Etiquette; Horse Sense; Journal Writing (as appropriate); and a Farewell/Departure session.

The K2 Equestrian Center has a variety of animals that the children interact with. We currently have nine horses, four burros, and three Bernese Mountain therapy dogs. Each animal has its own unique story—all are friendly and loving.Healing with love | K2 Equestrian Center

Our goal for 2015 is to expand our therapy services to include an Arts & Crafts program, Bal-A-Vis-X, (a balance-auditory-vision exercise with rhythmic overtones, which helps calm and center children’s energy), a Parent Respite, and expand the Children’s Garden. We are also pursuing a habilitative service and intervention program for children with developmental disabilities.

Participants in our programs are referred from Coeur d’Alene Pediatrics, Kootenai Outpatient Psychiatry, Syringa Family Partnership, North Idaho Head Start, Hospice of North Idaho, Autism 24/7, and the Coeur d’Alene school district, as well as several local psychiatric rehabilitation agencies.

harvest flowers1Parents or guardians are welcome to stay and observe the sessions, or they can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the ranch. Our grounds include a gazebo and garden, as well as many other locations, which offer a quiet place to relax. Parents may also choose to run an errand while their child is participating in a session.

We rely on donors, sponsorships and local grants to help fund our program and provide services to children at no cost to the families.

Please contact Katherine if you are interested in helping more children in this community, 208 762-9891. Donations can also be made via our secure PayPal account or mailed to:

K2 Equestrian Center, 5723 E. Dodd Rd, Hayden, Idaho 83835

Thank You!

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