Another Rescued Here

From the moment I arrived at the ranch, my heart was rescued – just like the horses and other animals were.  From the tiny hummingbirds that fed from the colorful feeders to the deer on a nearby hill, who ate from the bounty provided by nature – he showed no fear.

Trying to absorb all that the ranch offered, my eyes quickly stopped at a bluish-gray mare named Mona. I could see the sadness in her eyes of her past, even though she was now in a loving home of caring people.

Abuse and neglect is a powerful feeling that doesn’t go away fast or easy, and sometimes that part stays hidden deep inside your spirit.  Animals and humans who have been abused seen to have a connection to each other.  As I walked over to Mona, I could feel my body begin to calm, and I knew I could shut the gate to my past for the time that I was in this loving environment with this special horse.

I ran my hands down her neck and I fed her some hay. I could feel the peace that Mona now felt and knew that even though she had a scar of abuse, she would live out the rest of her life with love and understanding.

Mona and I bonded immediately.  She followed me not only with her body, but her eyes too, as if to say, “you can be free here too.”  I felt Mona also knew another side of me as she got as close as she could to me.   My balance became uncoordinated at one time, so she stayed close so I could brush her easier.

I have M.S., which is hidden to everyone but Mona and the other animals. The ranch and the animals, who all tell a story, are filled with love and kindness.  Together they have a way of making your troubles go away after you enter the gate.

As I left, I went home knowing that I felt the love of the animals and they all let me give some of my love away too.  It doesn’t matter to the animals about my past full of abuse or medical problems. It didn’t matter that I was not a child, but an older person getting closer to life’s end.  We all had a bond that was shared between animal and human.

By Diane Birkner

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