K2 Riding Program to Participate in Doctoral Dissertation Study

K2 Summer Riding Program to Participate in Dissertation Study

Janna Miller, Trainer | K2 Equestrian CenterK2 Equestrian Center is pleased to announce that we have been selected to partake in a research study during the 2016 summer session on human-horse interactions.

Participation in the study will be voluntary and all participants and parents/caregivers will be informed on all aspects associated with the research.

The study will be conducted in compliance with university ethical standards and all personal information will be kept confidential.  hugsIndividuals who are interested in allowing their children to participant in the study will need to sign consent forms.

We are very pleased to have this research opportunity take place at K2 this summer. If you are interested in our riding or non-riding caregiving sessions for your child, please contact us or call us for more details:

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