Our Guardian Angels

The K2 Equestrian Center is so fortunate to have dedicated volunteers and friends who support us and our mission.  We’d like to recognize two people, who in our eyes, are our Guardian Angels, Kathy and Gary Kuntz.   They have helped us with many projects around the ranch — the largest was providing the funding and construction of the gazebo which overlooks our riding arena and pastures.  It’s a quiet place to sit, contemplate and absorb the beauty of nature that surrounds the ranch.

Guardian Angel K2 Equestrian CenterWe received the following note from Kathy after the passing of Gary.  Gary is greatly missed, but his giving spirit lives on as a K2 Guardian Angel.

“Gary loved the ranch! As an employee of the Spokane Police Department and married to a special education teacher, Gary saw and heard first hand what happens to children with special needs. He believed that there should be a place for these children to grow and become productive members of society.

All special needs children need a safe place to learn skills, care for animals and be allowed to shine and show off all they have learned. That is what the K2 Equestrian Center is for – and what it does for these children.

I am proud to be associated with the Center and will continue to support their efforts with all special needs children. I know Gary’s Guardian Angel is watching over the ranch.” — Kathy Kuntz

We feel so blessed to have Kathy Kuntz as our Guardian Angel.  She has devoted her life as an educator of special needs children and Gary was a Spokane Police officer who worked to keep the community safe.  Each day someone walks into the gazebo that they help build.  The guardian angel prayer is beholden to the structure. Thank you so much for your love and support.


  1. Kathy Kuntz says

    Katherine, this is amazing. I love it. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Guess it’s time for Tucker and I to come out for a visit.

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