The Lights are ON!!

K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights are OnWe have been waiting for this for several years — the day (or night) when we could flip a switch and illuminate our outdoor riding arena.  We are so “lit-up” because that day has finally arrived!

First, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the local businesses who helped to make the arena lights a reality:  Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Scotty’s Electric Co. and Platt Electric Supply.  The donations of time and materials that these businesses gave to our organization will provide an enormous opportunity for the children and families who take part  in K2 Equestrian Center activities — and to the entire community.

Shine on!

K2 Equestrian Center Arena LightsLights in our outdoor arena extend our therapy hours into the evening and allow us to spend more time with the children who benefit from equine assisted therapy services.  During the hot summer months, a lighted arena makes it possible to schedule sessions in the cooler evening hours instead during the heat of the day. This is especially important for our Hospice participants who are unable to come to the ranch when the weather is hot.  Lights also mean we can work with more children after school, especially as the days become shorter.

K2 Equestrian Center Arena LightsThe crew from Kootenai Electric were cheerful and very friendly.  They thanked us for providing services to terminally ill patients and special needs children in our community.  One crewman told me about a family member who was ill and how their participation in a similar program helped them.  They laughed at me for being so excited as the light poles were set in the ground.  Words can’t express how much their donation means to us, and we thank Don Bush at Kootenai Electric for making it happen for the ranch.

Scotty’s Electric Co. wired the lights and we highly recommend this business for electrical services.  They were prompt with a bid and kept in good communication throughout the process.  As soon as the poles were set and Kootenai Electric gave the go-ahead, they were right there, ready to get to work — no waiting.   Stewart and Ian were great to work with and were also very glad to help our cause.K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights

Platt Electric Supply helped with the most important part of our lighted arena, the lights!  They were generous in providing the lights at an affordable price.  Ryan, a Platt employee,  was a great resource and  helped us select the right lights for the arena.

We can’t wait to post pictures of the children whose smiling faces will be as bright as our new arena lights!  Thank you all so very much for making this possible for the K2 Equestrian Center.

K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights

Light Up the Night!

K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights

The trucks have arrived!

K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights

Wiring the lights!

K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights

The crew from Scotty’s Electric Co.

K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights

Trenching for the power lines.

K2 Equestrian Center Arena Lights

Kootenai Electric unloading the light poles.

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